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Support when you need it

Your equipment is an important investment, so we offer straight-forward support plans for peace of mind and to keep it running like new. With all InMed Service plans, you can send us an e-mail or pick up the phone, and be connected with one of our technical support service engineers to get help when you need it. Learn more.

As a part of your service plan, we can also ensure that your equipment is regularly calibrated to keep it working within specifications. Learn more.



Radiation safety culture

Build a better radiation safety culture within your workplace by providing protective clothing, monitoring exposure with an active dosimetry system, or with our new range of high-index prescription radiation safety glasses.

The eyes are the most sensitive area of the body to radiation and are susceptible to damage by exposure during x-ray procedures and work around any type of imaging equipment. Our range of protection eyewear is made to the highest standards with durable safety frames, and features innovative leaded glass lenses. See the range.

InMed – Your complete DEXA specialists



Site planning and installation

InMed offer a comprehensive and specialist service to help with the planning, delivery, installation and configuration of your DEXA. Learn more.


Raditaiton safety training

Keep your staff at the forefront of radiation safety with one of our nationally-recognised DEXA radiation safety courses. Learn more.


Marketing support

Let your referrers and patients know about your new DEXA services with one of our marketing packages, which can be customised to your practice or clinic.