MedixDR - Whole Body DEXA System



MedixDR - Whole Body DEXA System

Medilink's latest innovation in bone densitometry and body composition is the MedixDR Whole Body DEXA system.

The MedixDR features state of the art 2D narrow-angle fan beam technology based on a 256 element detector, which provides excellent image quality as well as fast exam times, making it the ideal solution for all types of practices.

The MedixDR is powered by Eazix, Medilink's powerful software platform, designed with usability and efficiency in mind. Because of the reduced magnification and distortion effects (parallax errors) inherent to wide-angle fan beam densitometry, the 2D narrow-angle fan beam technology in the MedixDR ensures that area, BMD and geometric measurements are always accurate.

MedixDR Features

  • Uses proven Narrow-Angle 2D Fan Beam technology
  • The 256 element detector ensures excellent image quality
  • Full size DEXA unit capable of whole body composition and regional bone density scans
  • Quick scan times of 11 seconds for hip and 15 seconds for AP spine when using Fast Mode
  • VAT – Visceral Adipose Tissue Analysis
Multi-site Exams
For cases where multiple scans will be conducted, the scan initiation menu allows for a smooth and time efficient follow through by enabling the selection of all anatomical sites being scanned during each appointment.

Perform multi-site exams, including AP spine, forearm, hip and dual hip.

Measure for Bone Mineral Density (BMD), Bone Mineral Content (BMC), T-score, Z-score and Area.

Whole Body Exams
  • Bone Mineral Content, Mass & Area
  • Muscle – Density, Mass & Area
  • Fat - Density, Mass & Area
  • Fat %, Lean %, Bone %
  • Andriod/Gynoid Ratio
  • VAT – Visceral Adipose Tissue
  • Fat Mass Index
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Colour mapping image for visualising fat density/areas
Automated Hip Structural Analysis (HSA)
Measure and evaluate fracture risk information:
  • Hip Axis Length (HAL)
  • Femoral Neck Axis Length (FNAL)
  • Intertrochanter to Femoral Head Centre Distance (IH)
  • Femoral Axis versus Neck Axis Angle (FNA)
Automatic ROI selection
The ROI (Region of Interest) is automatically selected in order to minimise operator involvement and to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of results.

Custom ROI selection

The custom ROI (region of interest) option allows calculation of BMD from any selected site. Regions can be colour coded and measured for consistency between scans.

FRAX® Tool
Evaluate the 10 year probability of osteoporotic fractures and intervention thresholds with the FRAX® tool.

Digital Vertebral Assessment (DVA)
DVA provides a low dose, lateral image to view all the vertebrae of the spine. Deformation or compression is precisely diagnosed, measured and classified. This analysis can be either automatic using the Genant’s semi-quantitative classification, or manual using the Genant’s visual classification.

Advanced Morphometric Tools
Morphometric tools help measure and evaluate significant predictors of fracture in all available scanning functions and aid in therapeutic monitoring. Easily print-out patient results to guarantee therapeutic monitoring

The Paediatric option makes it possible to evaluate the BMD, BMC, Area and Body composition in children. Users can also calculate Z-score and compare skeletal age with this function.

With the Orthopaedic option, Easix makes it possible to measure BMD around the prosthesis, enabling smart implant management. The Orthopaedic option also enables measurement of the hand, forearm, elbow, shoulder, spine, hip, AP knee, lateral knee and feet. Automatic detection of ROI is available for hip, knee and lateral knee exams.

Two exams (hip and spine) can be performed in one single operation thus improving workflow and comfort for both patients and users.

Precise comparative information can be obtained for BMD measures in both hips in order to detect the lowest measurement and obtain the most complete information for diagnosis.

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