Radiation Monitoring System PM520 - Polimaster


Radiation Monitoring System PM520 - Polimaster

Polimaster Radiation Monitoring System PM520 is used for the prevention of the illicit penetration of radioactive sources into the limited-access areas/buildings and for continuous gamma and neutron radiation monitoring of different facilities where radioactive and nuclear sources are stored or processed.
  • Suitable for use by untrained personnel
  • All-in-one solution for detection of gamma and neutron radiation source in secured areas
  • Up to 8 external gamma and neutron detectors
  • High Sensitive NaI detector for detection of tiny amounts of gamma radiation sources
  • Easy Configurable and flexible design for convenient installation
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Cost effective alternative for Pedestrian Portal Monitor
  • Convenient deployment and installation
  • Up to 1000m radius of covered area
  • External probes for detection of gamma and neutron radiation
  • Radiation monitoring of large areas and remote separate locations
  • Remote control PC for user programmable settings
  • Various radiation probes (GM tube, CsI, NaI, He-3) for different tasks of radiation safety
  • DER measurement range:
    •  0.1 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h for γ radiation
    • 1.0 µSv/h - 5 mSv/h for neutron radiation relative Pu-α-Be collimated source
  • Detection of neutron sources
  • Detectors environmental protection IP 65
  • Operating temperature range - 20 to +50 ° C
PM520 applications include, but are not limited to use in the following areas:
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Waste Management
  • Areas and Buildings with limited access
  • Border/Airport Check points
  • Places of storage and use of nuclear materials

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