AeroDR NS - Konica Minolta


AeroDR NS - Konica Minolta

In case you are planning to buy a CR reader, why not consider switching to DR? Konica Minolta introduces a brand new economic DR alternative: AeroDR NS! This 14 x 17” Flat Panel Detector supports you with a complete DR workflow solution and is compatible with any existing static RAD room and mobile RAD system. ImagePilotTM software provides you with Registration + Acquisition + Viewer + Measurements + mini-PACS functionality for your daily workflow: a true All-in-One solution!

AERODR NS features:

  • High quality images because of a CsI scintillator
  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) no cable connections needed
  • Internal Access Point enables point-of-care imaging
  • AeroStorage for working o ine in case needed
  • Comprehensive software package ImagePilotTM for Registration - Acquisition -  Analysis -  Reporting & Archiving
For more information please look at the AERODR NS brochure here

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